How To Set A Guinness World Record

Buzz Bishop and Martin Parnell

Being in the Guinness Book of Records is one of those things I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid. You know, from the era of “I want to be a fireman”.

That book has always fascinated me. Can you imagine what it’s like to do something that NOBODY in the history of this planet has ever done before?

The desire is so big that it’s the top item on my To Do List. Ahead of breaking 4 hours in a marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro and making a decent Beef Wellington is set a Guinness World Record.

I burst with excitement last week when Martin Parnell invited me to join his team in Netball Quest 61 – a quest to set the Guinness World Record for longest game of netball at 61 straight hours.

netball quest 61

Martin is famous for running 250 marathons in 2010 as part of his Marathon Quest 250. His goal was to raise $250 000 for Right to Play, he raised more than $300 000. He has spun that effort into “Quest for Kids” that will see him taking on incredible challenges to raise the plight of kids to have the right to play around the world. Netball Quest 61 is next quest for Martin.

We will start at 530p on September 16 and not stop until 630a on September 19. 24 people will be on each team, 7 from each on court at a time. The other 5 will remain courtside, trying to catch some sleep. Julie Arnold, the event organizer from Netball Alberta, estimates we will each play 35 of the 61 hours. Sounds tough, but that’s why it’s never been done before.

And I’m about to do it. I’m about to be part of a Guinness. World. Record.

You can support our goal of raising $25 000 for Right to Play by sponsoring me in Netball Quest 61. Thanks.

14 Countries And Counting

I have a map of the world on the wall of my son’s bedroom. As we read bedtime books, sometimes we’ll stare at the map and pick out places and make up stories about them. Whenever we go on a trip, I’ll point the place out on a map so he knows where Cancun, Toronto, or Whitefish, Montana is.

Tonight, as I stared at the map my eye drifted north – to Franz Josef Land. It’s a crazy Russian archipelago in the arctic. North of nowhere is the best way I can describe it, yet my eye is drawn to the place wondering if anyone goes there.

Then I went south, to try and find a similarly isolated island and I found the Kerguelen Islands – a cold windy French territory in the south of the Indian Ocean that is home to a few scientists and nothing else.

I went around the rest of the globe and stuck mental pins in the places I’ve been. I have 14 stamps in my personal passport (15 in you count Vatican City) and while I think the number is smaller than it should be, I’m happy with it.

My list is eclectic and scattered: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reykjavik, Iceland. Easter Island, Chile. Marrakech, Morocco. Machu Picchu, Peru. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hong Kong, China.

2003-08-15 iceland - 65

2003-05-20 peru - 51 20090607  team diabetes easter island marathon - 03 20100719 samba rio

2003-11-29 hong kong - 03

That’s some good variety.

My wife and I have a rule whereby a city “counts” if you step outside the airport. According to that rule, she gets to count Iceland on her map as she stepped outside Keflavik Airport on a layover. I also count Santiago, Chile on my list of visited cities for the same reason. I’m thinking that may be a little weak and it should be expanded to “counting” only if you spend the night in the country (and outside the airport).

Whatever your rules are, all the places on this map I’ve spent a night in, my shortest stays being in Kyoto, Japan and Hong Kong, China (both about 23 hours on layovers to and from Thailand).

Where do I want to go to next? Scandinavia. Africa. Australia. More of the UK. Spain. Eastern Europe. The list is as long as their are countries on my map.

A pal of mine just lost her job for the second time in 18 months. The last time she lost her job she spent her severance on the beaches of Belize and Central America racking up passport stamps in pursuit of hitting 60 countries before she turns 60.

I don’t know if I have that in me, but getting to know the planet a little better is always a good thing.

What’s your number?

Calgary Street Food App Tracks Food Trucks

calgary street food app

Calgary‘s street food party is in full swing with 8 food trucks tracing the streets many days serving up with their gourmet twists.

While tracking the Calgary food trucks on Twitter is a great way to find their locations ahead of time, there’s an app for you to chase Calgary street food in an instant.

Calgary Street Food is a free app [iPhone only] that pulls in the locations of all Calgary’s food trucks into one map. You can see where you are, where they are and then you can get off on the chase.

The Calgary Street Food app also lets you rate the Calgary food trucks and keep tabs on whichever ones are your favorite.

Which Calgary food truck is your favorite?

Complete List of Calgary Food Truck Websites, Twitter Accounts, and Facebook Pages

Alley Burger Food Truck

Looking for the Calgary Food Trucks is part of the fun of eating fascinating street food. It’s like geocaching for a meal, a scavenger hunt for the hungry, a mission impossible sometimes to find them lurking in alleys and parking lots on the fringe.

Here’s a list of the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of Calgary’s food trucks:

Aglio e Olio twitter web
Alley Burger twitter facebook web
AVATARA twitter web
Banh Mi Bar twitter
Blam! Wich twitter facebook web
Blues Mobile twitter web
Braizen Food Truck twitter facebook web
Cheezy Bizness twitter facebook web
Curbside Grill twitter
Fiasco Gelato twitter facebook web
Fries and Dolls twitter facebook web
Holy Crepe twitter facebook web
Jelly Modern Donuts twitter facebook web
JoJo’s BBQ twitter facebook web
Los Compadres twitter facebook web
Mighty Skillet twitter facebook web
Monster Chefs twitter facebook web
Nathan’s twitter facebook web
Red Wagon Diner twitter facebook web
Rocking Taco twitter facebook web
Shogun Teppanyaki twitter facebook web
Snoberry Ice twitter facebook web
Spud Mobeel twitter web
Steak Out twitter facebook web
Sticky Ricky’s twitter facebook web
The Cranky Chef twitter facebook web
The Food Fighter twitter facebook web
The Naaco Truck twitter facebook web
The Noodle Bus twitter facebook web
The Perogy Boyz twitter facebook web
Tilly’s Food Truck twitter facebook web
Vasili’s twitter facebook web
YYC Shawarma twitter facebook web

fries n dolls twitterFries N Dolls
These dolls, know their fries. Friendly staff are on the street serving up the best in gluten-free gourmet French fries & smokies.

los compadres twitterLos Compadres

Find the Mexico in you at the window of this food truck. Tortas, tacos, quesedillas and broth.
(Pro tip: stick to the chicken tacos, the sirloin ones are overly wet, while the chicken tacos have a fresh, subtle kick)

Fiasco Gelato
Locally made, hand-crafted small batches of heaven. Calgary’s Premiere Artisan Gelato + Sorbetto.
(Pro Tip: Get one of each. Seriously. It’s gelato, you can’t go wrong.)

chef mario twitterChef Mario Taking Pimento’s pizza and burgers street side for an amazing experience!

Twitter: @chefmariomobile
Facebook: n/a

jojos bbq twitterJoJo’s BBQ – Crazy Cat Lady, Chef, BBQ Queen, Entrepreneur, Rocker Chick. Passionate, Compassionate, Loyal, Veraciously Voracious, Feisty.

Twitter: @jojosbbq
Facebook: JoJoBBQ

blam wich twitterBlam!Wich – It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a truck full of Awesome! Blamwich! Rolling to a neighbourhood near you delivering Heroic Eats.

Twitter: @blamwich
Facebook: BlamWich Heroic Eats

blam wich twitterMighty Skillet – Calgary’s Original Brunch Truck, offering YYC some seriously creative eats on the go!
(pro tip: The Starjammer, at just $5, is a serious load of strawberry goodness wrapped in a pan-crepe)

Twitter: @mightyskillet
Facebook: Mighty Skillet

noodle bus twitterThe Noodle Bus – Calgary’s first Asian food truck

Twitter: @thenoodlebus
Facebook: The Noodle Bus

steak out truck twitterSteak Out – Steak Sandwich Food Truck

Twitter: @steakouttruck
Facebook: Steak Out Truck

steak out truck twitterMonster Chefs – Calgary’s First Mobile Cupcakes and Sweets
Bringing Gourmet Pastries to the streets. Hand decorated and baked fresh daily with natural, seasonal ingredients.

Twitter: @monsterchefs
Web: Purple Pastry Chef