Buzz Bishop.

Dad. Broadcaster. Writer.
Team Diabetes Champion.
Two Time Guinness World Record Holder.

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Buzz is a father to Zacharie and Charlie. A 25 year media veteran, he is currently the top-rated midday host in Calgary on XL103. He has also appeared on CityTV, Global Television, Shaw TV, and YTV as a regular host and columnist.

Buzz published his first article online in 1995 and has been an active voice on the internet ever since. Today, his cyberbuzz media network encompasses 4 distinct websites in addition to supplying unique content for others.

He has written for print publications such as The Calgary Herald, 24hrs, The Vancouver Sun, and Canadian Running Magazine. Digitally, he contributes to, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project.


Created in 2009, DadCAMP connects dads and parenting with stories about the struggles, challenges, successes, and questions faced by every parent.

The Blog According to Buzz |
For nearly a decade, this blog has been home to personal stories, travels, adventures, and local insights. From the best kid hikes in the Rockies, to finding out what haggis tastes like, it is here.

cyberbuzz |
First registered in 1996, this is the website that started it all. What was originally a cool site of the day sort of list, is now home to detailed essays and insights on technology, new media trends, and bridging the gap back to old media.

Local Pony |
Local Pony is a place to share travel hacks, destinations, and inspirations from Easter Island to Iceland, Rio to Marrakech.


Buzz is a proud supporter of Team Diabetes Canada and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

He has raised more than $50 0000 for the cause in the past 10 years and has run marathons and half marathons in Scotland, Bermuda, Brazil, Iceland, and Easter Island while raising awareness for the plight of the nearly 9 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

His Blogging For Charity initiative sees brands partnering with the cyberbuzz media network for branded, promotional, and native content in exchange for donations to Team Diabetes Canada.


"[Buzz] Bishop is an information addict and pop-culture junkie... but you could also call him a media artist. He sucks up cultural information, reorganizes it into a dazzling format that makes listeners laugh and makes them feel smart."Ě
- The Vancouver Sun, June 20, 2009

"Buzz Bishop *is* a social network. He lives and breathes in the tech world 24/7 and knows how to build an engaged community around technology, social networking, and everything pop culture."
- Tod Maffin, President, engageQ digital

"Buzz Bishop is basically the J.K. Simmons of pop culture commentary. He's relatable, adaptable, immediately recognizable‚ but not obnoxiously ubiquitous‚ and a perfect fit for a diverse range of stories. He's been an invaluable resource over the years.”
- Misty Harris, National Journalist, Postmedia News

"Buzz Bishop is the perfect collision of two media worlds. He has built a thriving career in traditional media, while at the same creating communities in the social space and becoming a pace-setter in new media."
- Steve Jones, VP/Programming Newcap Radio, Author "Brand Like A Rock Star"

"I always love working with Buzz. He brings insight and humour to every situation, and always finds a way to stay true to his brand and his audience."
- Kelly O’Mara, Content Manager,